Saturday, September 10, 2016

Why Do Philippine Media Blame President Rodrigo Duterte For Something Not Right In The Philippines?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has all the critics, destroying his good reputation despite everything he had done in the country for a past few months. Duterte remained the most trusted political leader today. 
Philippine media has become ruthless to President Duterte. He has not given a chance to make Philippines a better country who stands on her own without the great influence of powerful countries, though it cannot stand alone but at least Philippines has its own identity.
There is no truth behind the issues that President Duterte cursed U.S. President Barack Obama, He said this statement when he met the most powerful person in Laos; and the United States president understood that the media here in the Philippines is one of the most corrupt bodies in the country. 
In fact, corrupt media killing our president and our country little by little. I don't want to name them but the fact is here that it does not help to our neighboring countries and allies like United States and Great Britain. President Duterte has a big respect to all world leaders particularly to President Obama who helped our country when thousands of Filipinos were killed during Typhoon Haiyan  last 2013. 
I lived in Samar and now I'm here in the United States. Many Americans have high respect to President Duterte especially on his anti-drug campaign in the Philippines. It's hurting especially for over 16 million Filipinos to see a hard-working president who is doing his best he can to make Philippines a safe place for everyone, yet these biased media are destroying the name of President Duterte and our country.
President Duterte blamed the media for twisting the truth and editing his statement he made. Perhaps, this may be one of the reasons why he avoided Philippine media as it is one of the most corrupt organizations in the Philippines and BEST for distorting Duterte's words. I don't think Duterte said "son of a b*tch" to President Obama. 
Let's admit the fact that Philippines is run by oligarchs and the problem of illegal drugs, criminality and corruptions are made by some of these people who want to maintain their power and increase their money through these illegal activities on drugs. Duterte has been criticized for doing the right thing for our country. 
I don't understand why Philippine media is trying to divide us all Filipinos. I believe that we should respect the right of every Filipino, but Human Rights advocates had been using this organization for their personal gains and political interests. Good thing that Filipinos now are smarter than ever before as everyone has opened their eyes for the truth and for the love of our country.

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