Friday, March 24, 2017

Hatred Won't Stop President Rodrigo Duterte's Determination To Change Philippines

By Alon Calinao Dy: President Rodrigo Duterte knew from the very beginning that there were some rich and powerful people who wanted to impeach him after the opposition had lost their presidential bid as they wanted to stay in power for so many reasons...One is to have control with illegal drug trade, second is to enjoy rampant corruption in the government, and  of course, a lot of criminal activities.

In one of my blog posts, a reader asked me, "hey, Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, how many people actually died during the campaign against illegal drugs? My honest answer is that I don't know as I don't have the actual records. But this is the truth, those people who tried to linked the president to the extrajudicial killings are a handful of "fake" Human Rights advocates who protect their best interest rather than a majority of Filipino people.

The truth is that there were several grave crimes committed by the previous administration/s, and those crimes were easily forgotten and not reported to national TV by some biased media because money, power and influence played a big role.

I don't understand why critics are blaming Duterte for all those horrid crimes when it seems he just wants to implement the rule of law. I don't understand why these oligarchs are trying to put Duterte down and blaming him for betrayal of trust for asking assistance and depending China and Russia? Is it because the price of oil & gas will be much cheaper than before if ever Russia will supply us? 

Remember, China is a rich country and one of the big suppliers of different useful products anywhere in the globe. Also, Russia is one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the world. Think about it. That is one of the reasons why rich people do not always agree with the president because they think their business will be at stake, but that's not always the case, Duterte said this before that he works for the Filipino people especially for the poor and not for some elite people in the society. 

Some people are asking the president: Does he hate the US? I think he already answered this question before. Of course, not. US is a long and strongest ally of the Philippines. The president wants the country to be known across the world. It means to say that the country needs to open its door to new trading partners to avoid monopolies to protect the best interests of the people and in order for our economy to prosper.

Duterte is definitely risking his life for this as he knows that there are many rich people who would go against him, but for the love of the country and people, he is risking absolutely everything, even his presidency. He is trying to make Filipinos understand that an independent foreign policy, probably the most unforgivable sins on the part of Western regime, is a win-win situation for Filipino people.