Saturday, July 12, 2014

Manny Pacquiao To Run For Senator in 2016

By Alon Calinao Dy: An eight-division world champion and fighter of the decade Manny Pacquiao is likely to run for a national position in the Philippines in 2016. Does it mean that he will quit in boxing? Does it mean he will no longer go after Floyd Mayweather Jr. for supposedly the biggest fight of the century? Does it mean that boxing fans are going to stop watching the sport when Pacquiao finally retires?

I think all these things are possible to happen in the future. Pacquiao has increasingly been interested in politics for the last two years. That is why many prominent Filipino politicians are courting him to be on their political alliance. Most people expect him to be under Vice-president Jejomar Binay's banner.

Although some Filipino critics discourage Pacquiao's ambition to run for senate in 2016, majority of Filipino people still want him in the office. I am one of those who will definitely vote him. It is not that I want him to retire now in boxing, but there are numerous reasons why I want him to win the senatorial race in 2016.

Firstly, Pacquiao is known to tell the truth all the time and is honest about his plans in boxing and politics. He doesn't deny anything that he won't run for a national position after he is done in boxing. Running for senator is a first step towards Presidency in the coming years. I just couldn't understand why Filipino people would hesitate to vote Pacquiao if they had voted Revilla, Enrile, Estrada, and other actors in the senate over a few years ago.

Secondly,  Pacquiao has strong principles in life and always sticks to what he thinks is right for the people. For instance, we could see this commitment during his past interviews in different boxing networks, wherein he bravely challenged Mayweather to man up to fight him because that is what fight fans want to happen in the sweetscience.

Or else, Mayweather just needs to shut up.

Thirdly, Pacquiao is a true inspiration for all Filipinos. Not only here in Asia, but also all over the world. Boxing fans know that. They are aware with Pacquiao's humble beginnings as he continues to show good examples to many people, particularly to the young children of this generation. It simply shows that to define the real success in life it is the genuine faith in God. That's why a lot of people doubt him if his focus in boxing has gone since he has so many distractions around him. In fact, Pacquiao has assured his avid supporters that his journey in boxing will continue even though he is currently in politics.

There are so many things why Filipino voters should trust Pacquiao not only in boxing, but also in politics. As most people know, Pacquiao is willing to help everyone.  He is not a real Santa Claus, but he continues to donate his hard-earned money to many charitable institutions. That's how he loves Filipinos.

I don't think we see another Pacquiao in the years to come. There is no single doubt in terms of his sincerely to fight corruption and poverty in the Philippines. Apart from this, other politicians that I am going to put in my ballot are Duterte and Boy Abunda. Why do I say this? If Duterte runs for President in 2016, a big sorry for criminals or law violators. He's known for peace and order in Davao City. Another prospective candidate is Boy Abunda, who graduated from my Alma Mater Seminario De Jesus Nazareno, the most disciplined school in the country.

I strongly believe Pacquiao, Duterte, and Abunda would make a huge contribution to economic success in the Philippines. If these people will be elected in 2016, I don't think Filipino people will ever suffer again from poverty and corruption.