Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Second Term is The Best Move For Pnoy

By Alon Calinao Dy: Just because President Benigno Aquino III is saying NO to another term does mean he won't run for president again. Don't be naive. Philippine constituition can be amended if it is good of the country.

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President Benigno Aquino III started the Matuwid na Landas a few years ago till now. Before leaving the office, he must ensure to find a new balance or see the future of the Philippines where his successor is going to take the country whether to go back to corruption or continue to fight against corrupt people in any government organizations. So it means if there is no honest leader out there, Pnoy might continue the right road for his love of the country and for all Filipinos who supported and voted him as the head of the state.

Remember, many government officials have been exposed and accused because of President Aquino. He is against corruption. So frankly speaking, I see no reason why  some people called him selfish when in fact he fights endless battle to stop fraudulence in the country.

I am not a pro or anti Aquino administration. The truth is, I was one of those people who complained about the late response of Aquino's government in Super Typhoon Yolanda that claimed thousands of lives last November 2013. I hated the administration for their shortcomings, but they tried their best to help the Yolanda survivors. However, now, I can see the big difference between the current government from the previous administrations. The Philippine economy is booming and is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia like China. But the concern of most people is that most Filipinos do not see any changes, which I totally agree.

Also, some Filipinos are totally blind for this great feat because of what they hear from Aquino's opposition. My question for these attackers, why don't we stop bashing this administration and let's just support a good cause? Filipinos need to unite and achieve a great change for the love of the country.

I have no objection or whatsoever if Pnoy plans to run for president again. He is someone I can trust to abolish corruption in the Philippines. It is not really a big problem as long as he remains the same leader who is honest, strong, respectable, and who has fear in God.