Monday, August 18, 2014

A Thanksgiving Prayer To Our Lady of Manaoag

By Alon Calinao Dy: Last Saturday, this would be my third visit to Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine at the town of Manaoag in the province of Pangasinan. Through the powerful intercession of Our Lady, Almighty Jesus heard my prayers. I was so grateful that Lord Jesus answered all my solemn request.

I first attended the Holy Eucharist at exactly 11am in Manaoag shrine, then I attended the following holy mass again at 12 noon. After this, I accompanied my wife to fall in the long line on the way to the sacred statue of Our Lady of Manaoag in the second floor of religious boutique building.

Schedule of Religious Rites:


Monday - Friday every hour 5am -11am
Saturday every hour 5am -12 noon & 4:30pm
Sunday every hour 5am - 12nn, 3pm, and 4:30pm

This time, I brought my Nikon camera I bought from Kuwait to capture the beautiful images of Jesus, Our Lady of Manaoag, and saints in this well-known shrine. Here is what I got for taking good pictures within the church.

Beautiful Images of Jesus

Great pictures of Our Lady of Manaoag

Catholic Statues of Saints

I really believe in the power of prayer. I believe that when it is not given to you at the right moment, don't stop believing because the act of praying is so important even though the whole world has abandoned you. In prayer, there is always a glimpse of hope because there is Jesus. So hope is there at all times even when you feel weary and hopeless. Believe  me, I've had ups and downs before but Jesus is always my hope and my Savior.

Through the intercession of Our Lady of Manaoag, again, I pray and this is my prayer I wrote to our Lord Jesus:

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life
Thank you, Lord, for your unwevaring support of the truth
Thank you, Lord, for helping poor people
Thank you, Lord, for giving victims a voice
Thank you, Lord, for your endless love to your children
Thank you, Lord, for the peace of the world
Thank you, Lord, for the safety of all families
Thank you, Lord, for your deep understanding
Thank you, Lord, for your forgiveness of our sins
Thank you, Lord, for the eternal life.
Yes, Lord Jesus, Thank you for not leaving me even though I left you behind.

Thank you so much, Lord, for everything....

I love you, Jesus.

Please don't forget to say 'Amen' after reading this prayer.

After I visited the sacred shrine, we ate at the Matutina Seafood Restaurant in Tarlac City. I think this restaurant is very popular for seafood lover like myself.  We ordered a number of  dishes and buko juice drinks. My lovely wife enjoyed the taste of grilled bangus, buttered  shrimps, pork sisig, fresh buko juice, and many others.

Due to its rawness, I actually noticed some traces of blood in bangus. Perhaps, at the moment, they might think that we were Japanese who loved eating half cooked fish. But overall experience, was very excellent!