Monday, August 4, 2014

IELTS Exam in Crown Plaza Manila Galleria

Crown Plaza Manila Galleria
Ortigas  Area cor. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Quezon City, Philippines

By Alon Calinao Dy: I woke  up early morning to attend for my IELTS exam in Crown Plaza Manila Galeria. Like the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Restaurant in Kuwait where I usually went to the gym, I really enjoyed the Crown Plaza in the Philippines since most receptionists were very helpful and courteous to all their visitors. I asked one of the staff members where was the venue for the IELTS written exam, and she happily told me the exact location.

It was a small world. I couldn't believe what I saw yesterday when my former colleague, Jimmy Librando, called my attention when he saw me going to the comfort room in this prestigious hotel.

Jimmy and I worked together as cath lab nurses in Kuwait Heart Center a couple of years ago. It's known today as Chest Diseases Hospital with the state of the art facilities.

This tertiary heart center has the means to handle all complicated cases related to cardiovascular system. It's fully supported and funded by the government; so, most patients, particularly Kuwaitis, are free of any expenses in the hospital. If not, they pay less since everything is provided to them by the state.

An ordinary and free heart surgery in Kuwait would range 500 thousand pesos to 1 million Pesos in the Philippines. That's a lot of money and most Filipinos would not spend such a huge amount of money. Rather, they would leave everything to "Bahala na" or "Come what May" in English.

While I was waiting for my IELTS written exam, I finally noticed the difference between IDP and British Council (BC).
I used to take my IELTS test in IDP, but then I realized most candidates would prefer BC. 

So far, I think the number of test takers are twice greater in BC than in IDP, and the main reason for this is leniency.