Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Medical Procedures For Cosmetic Purposes: Do You Agree or Disagree?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Nowadays, medical procedures for cosmetics are everywhere. Although some medical experts say that people should be banned in doing this risky operation, I still argue that it should be allowed for everyone.

Photo Courtesy of  Ortiz Medical & Skin Clinic

Let us accept the fact that not all people are naturally born beautiful. one of the ways to remedy this kind of problem is to improve what body parts that are considered lacking in the eyes of expectators or viewers. So if medical procedures will enhance people's physical appearance, then I do not have a serious problem with that. People want to look presentable in front of the crowd. I do believe that it is not a huge concern for everyone. Thus, people should try to understand things around them. Let's stop bashing other people! It is one's right to look fabulous when it comes to his/her physical appearance.

Some people think the physical defects are somehow related to health problems. So in this way, others believe that medical procedures for cosmetics are vitally important to stay healthy and prolong life. Whether you admit it or not, everyone wants to have a beautiful skin.