Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where to check the status of your US Visa application?

By Alon Calinao Dy: All these years, you have been waiting for your US visa. You don’t know exactly when the opportunity knocks on your door. Don’t worry, I have something for you that will help you check your application on the web. If you want to estimate your priority date in the US whether it is current or not, Here is the green card calculator. Just click the link below.

Note Well:

You should know your priority date, preference, and where country you have applied for your US visa. After you have filled everything, click the estimate button. Then it will automatically display in your computer screen when is your priority date will be current. If it is up to date, the screen will say ” Congratulations!”

However, this is not completely accurate since there are several factors that may affect visa bulletin dates. It all depends on the demand of countries such as China, India, Mexico, Philippines, and the rest of the world. My advise to you, don’t make a major life decision such as resigning from your present job when you are not yet 100% sure if your US visa is ready to pick up or not. Be prayerful and leave everything to God Almighty. He already knew it, and it will be given to you at the right time.


It is recommended to get 7 in the speaking, and 6 in listening, reading, and writing for those healthcare professionals like nurses, medical technologists, radiologists, pharmacists, etc. IELTS is valid only for two years, however, once issued by visascreen certificate by ICHP it is valid for five years. The good thing is, candidates can combine their IELTS results even if they took the first exam with IDP and the second one with British Council

For instance, your scores are as follows:

First take, L-7; R- 7; W-7; S-6.5; OBS- 7
Second try, L-5, R-6; W-6.5; S- 7; OBS-6

Don't worry, you still met one of the requirements for visascreen certificate and ICHP is obliged to issue you a certificate just as long as you have overall band score of 6.5 and 7 speaking regardless how many times you took the test.

New Zealand:

Scores in IELTS can be combined as long as candidates can reach 7 in subtests such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking within a year. This is applicable for nurses who are applying for Competence Assessment Program, non-nurses & nurses who are applying for student visa, and other medical practitioners who wish to work and live this country.


It is totally different from above countries I mentioned, as examinees should achieve the required band score in one sitting only. Applicants for this country can't combine their IELTS results. According to some Canadian Immigration Specialists that it's better to get 8 in all subtests to get more points for English proficiency and a big chance to be accepted in the university, whether you are applying for student visa or immigrant. But, for skilled workers, must get preferably 5 in all subtests.


Just like Australia, IELTS exam results can't be combined. Nurses who are applying for Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) and other healthcare workers, must achieve 7 in all subtests. But, for nurses who are applying for student visa, preferably 5-7 in all subtests are required, as it depends on the course and the university requirements.


Most medical practioners are required to achieve 7.5 in listening, 6.5 in reading, and 7 in both writing and speaking. But, for skilled workers, must get at least 4-5 OBS and depends upon the Canadian embassy to determine how many points you need.

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