Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mistake of Ordering Pizza in Yellow Cab

By Alon Calinao Dy: Morayta, Manila -- A day before my IELTS written exam on Aug. 2 in Crown Plaza Manila Galleria, I ordered my favorite chicken hot wings and New York's Finest pizza at the Yellow Cab in front of FEU campus.

New York's Finest pizza
(Italian sausage, meats, and fresh vegetables)
Regular size = Php 325
Large size = Php 530
New Yorker size = Php 790

Hot Wings
(Full-sized chicken wings)
Regular price = Php 270

I made a huge mistake when ordering a pizza. Instead of New York's Finest, I told New York Classic Pepperoni. It turned out as a bad luck for me. I thought it was the same with my preferred pizza. I hurriedly went to a woman in charge and requested to change my order but it was too late.

Next time I said to myself I would never go again to Yellow Cab in person. Rather, I would place my order at this number 789-9999 to deliver my request. That day, I craved for New York's Finest pizza, but because an error I made I did not eat my chosen food.

I had no one to blame for this incident. It was all my mistakes since I did not recognize the big difference between New York Classic and New York's Finest. 

However I would highly suggest to avoid confusion again, the Yellow Cab Management should change the name of New York Classic. If I were a new costumer, I couldn't exactly tell what's the difference between the two pizzas.

Although I did not enjoy NY Classic pizza much, I still loved the taste of chicken hot wings. It was very delicious. As a matter of fact, I ate everything in sight except chicken bones. I realized I was still a human not a puppy. 

After the dinner, I slept early at around 9 pm to rest and get ready for my test day.