Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spending Time in Singapore

By Alon Calinao Dy: When I visited Singapore Last December 2012 & January 2013, I could say that I had a marvelous experience as I spent my first New Year in this small but spectacular country. I travelled with my wife to some of the popular and most visited tourist attractions in Singapore.

Merlion Park
Exploring in Singapore with Jem2x, John, Geng, Ermie, and Grace
Singapore Zoo
Marina Bay Sands
Jurong Bird Park
Universal Studios
Gardens by the Bay

Swimming is one of my best-loved sports aside from contact sports like basketball and boxing. You know what is the best part about swimming, it has less injury than any competitive sports and is the best sport ever to stay fit.

Woodsland Swimming Complex

Supposedly our first plan was to swim in Jurong East Swimming Complex a year ago, but without enough knowledge about this place, we went there on monday. Unfortunately, it was closed. According to their staff-in-charge of water park, they were opened from Tuesday to Sunday (8:00am -9:30pm).

We then decided to go to Woodlands Swimming Complex. It was not a shoddy pool, but it was an exquisite swimming complex. I truly enjoyed my swimming experience along with Singaporean swimmers. I only spent 1 Singapore dollar for entire day in this paradise.

Seoul Garden

I fully enjoyed the all-u-can-eat buffet in Seoul Garden, Malaysia as I didn't leave the dining room table promptly till I was full and there was no room in my tummy. It has a reasonable value for the whole family with different types of Korean cuisine. 

If you are a vegetarian, then there are wide range of foods to choose from. There are raw and healthy fruits, vegetables, and salad. I ate mostly fruits, vegetables, and some lean meats last year. Therefore, I just avoided chicken and beef fat.

If you are a carnivore (meat eater) or seafood lover, then there are ready cooked chicken, fish, and beef waiting for you in this dining room, but you could bring these fresh meats to your table and it's up to you how do you like to cook it, whether half cooked or cooked thoroughly. 

However, I suggest it's better to try every dish in the menu and eat slowly. Don't be in a hurry since there is no time limit on your permitted stay in this fine Korean restaurant and the staff members are so kind and understanding who allow all their customers to outstay inasmuch as they prefer to stay behind.