Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Can I Say About JobStreet in the Philippines?

By Alon Calinao Dy: It is true that in the Philippines finds jobs for you. Yes, it assists you in getting necessary information about latest jobs and opportunities to work overseas. It also updates you on the latest job matching periodically via e-mail text or if you have a JobStreet account you can easily access to a lot of works on their site.

However, lately, I have realized that is garnering more likes on their Facebook page. It seems to me that they seek more and more attention to all Facebook users. Their priority shifts from finding jobs to embracing the limelight.

In fact, last night I received an e-mail message from them that I have to like their Facebook page in order to win a brand new Samsung phone. What a shame! JobStreet even encouraged me to tell all my friends  to follow their Facebook account. Well, what is this for and why?

I had an unpleasant experience with JobStreet in the Philippines when they ran a contest last year. What were the criteria they used in this competition?

  • Get many likes on their Facebook page
  • Write a story how helps  you to advance your career
  • Attitude of every contestant

After I accomplished all these requirements and waited for the outcome of competition, one of the participants who was also one of the winners told me that I actually won the contest to be a model but since I was outside of the Philippines and couldn't attend for a one-day pictorial event in Manila, they replaced me and gave my seat to another contestant.

Until now, I don't get what is their true motive. I believe they want to get more likes and followers on their official Facebook account. I guess there is nothing wrong with that since it is like adding more friends on their page.