Monday, September 15, 2014

Filipinos Should Protect The Natural Wonders, Not Waste

By Alon Calinao Dy: Aside from poverty and various criminal activites in the Philippines, there have been many changes to the country in the last 5 years. 

Filipinos have experienced nature's wrath such as floods, fires, winds, landslides, spontaneous tree limbs falling, earthquakes, typhoons, and many more.

This is a wake up call for those Filipinos who damage the environment. Those who destroy and pollute the ecosystems as there are a lot of casualties every year; many people probably don't know about these tragic events, which can be avoided or minimized if people concerned know what are the right measures to undertake when difficult situation arises.

If you want to save more lives, then this the right moment to become involved with different environmentally friendly organizations whose visions and missions are to clean towns and cities in the Philippines.

It's not too late to make Philippines a better place to live for everyone. Elsewhere across the country you can find motivated young people, who are willing to commit, sacrifice and participate, just as long as the government provides enough funds and support them for their good cause all the way.

As with other countries, safety is the number one priority for all people. Let's not wait until some people get injured or killed. Another thing is security. Let's not forget what happened last Nov. 2013 in Leyte, when the temporary emergency shelter of Yolanda victims became the danger zone that resulted to many fatalities. That was a nightmare!

The question is, are you really secured? For me, security means no injuries and deaths.

Safety and security are two crucial things that all Filipinos need in times of natural calamities. Based on my personal experience during typhoon Ondoy, I'd seen many dead bodies on the grounds. That was a very frightening experience that I wanted to forget for the rest of my life. I'm sure that's what Yolanda survivors are still experiencing right now -- the horrifying events.

Surprisingly I just found out that many government officials and leaders are not prepared for this worst case scenario. They have lack of initiative to realize any possible outcomes. They have sworn to God and people to serve and protect the interest of the public, but then they've missed all those opportunities for being overly confident. 

Of course, no one is to be blamed because they are also the victims of this devastating typhoon. I am there. I agree. But, what I try to suggest is that to think ahead of time and be prepared all the time. Also, this would serve a biggest lesson for everyone. I hope and pray the history does not repeat itself.

The beauty of the Philippines lies in the hands of every Filipino. Everyone has responsibilities not merely by words but through actions as well. In fact, Filipinos are blessed with so many things such as stunning mountain ranges, a diversity of cultures, fascinating stories, impressive food, pristine beaches, and many more. 

Let's not waste the natural wonders that God gave us. Let's clean our sorroundings and protect the mother earth.