Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Do More Nurses Work in the Middle East Than in Western Countries?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Nursing profession is one of the most trusted and respected professions in the world. Nurses are angels of the sick who love their jobs and happy if their patients recover from any illnesses or disabilities that unable them to work for their families.

Nurses have dreams, just like any other people who want the best for their loved ones. They want to send their children to good schools, attend the needs of their families, and earn money for the future in times of sickness, financial crisis, and emergency situations.

Nurses know right from wrong, although they might feel guilty for themselves as they leave their families, it is very hard for them to be separated with their loved ones. They have no other options but to work overseas in order to provide the basic needs of their families and have a bright future.

Many nurses are thankful for the wonderful opportunities that Middle East countries entrust them to look after their sick people. Nurses also know that it is simple and easy to enter and work in the Middle East than in Western Countries.

Some qualifications and local employment agencies present more difficulties for nurses to make their dreams come true. For instance, if you are applying as registered nurses in the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and UK, it is required to acquire a band score of 7 in all components (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) in order to be accepted at work.

What if you are born with hearing impairment and speech deficit? Do you think IELTS examiners would still consider your physical conditions, knowing that these are innate deficiencies? In a straightforward manner, can you still achieve your target 7 band score having these genetic deficiencies? And a dream job that you're aiming for?

Every year, think about the time and money nurses spent in their nursing schools just to finish their studies and in hopes they would be able to practice their desired profession and make a big difference to the lives of all people, especially for those who are sick. 

Worse, a nurse sometimes handles an average 70 to 100 patients each day like the example in most government hospitals in the Philippines. 

Nurses can't provide quality care if they are overloaded with work; the people who normally suffer in this case are both patients and nurses. I believe hospitals should encourage nurses to handle only patients within their level of skills not beyond their capabilities so that nurses can attend all the needs of their patients without any pressure that would compromise the patient's health.

In third world countries, even though they have enough manpower of nurses, many hospitals remain understaffed and ill-equipped to respond the needs of the people for quality health care due to lack of government finances. 

What nurses usually do, they move out from their own countries to come up better opportunities overseas because of the growing needs of their families, which I think a bold step forward to achieve their dreams in life.

All I want to say is that let's give them a chance to build a better world regardless of their physical conditions, creed, race, situation, sexual orientation, and origin.

Nurses have a strong desire to work in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, and other western countries. As much as they want to settle in these regions, there are numerous fake and abusive employment agencies who are opportunistics, meaning taking selfish advantage of circumstances.

There are no or limited laws that protect nurses from fraud in various countries. Some impostors take the roles of registered nurses using their real names and registration numbers to deceive other people. In this instance, the nurse victims might be accused of something they do not perform.

In the Philippines, for example, the people who are found guilty with the pressing charges pay only a small amount of purse and most of the time they go loose as if they have done nothing wrong. With a lot of frustrations, this leads to nurses to migrate to other countries, particularly in the Middle East and Western nations, where justice systems are fair and not too soft for the lawbreakers.

But it is a heartbreaking reality, nurses can easily reach countries like Oman, Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, and etc., than in the West because their demands are easy to meet at the deadline. Many nurses also go for the tax-free salary in the Middle East than hectic life in the West. 

Yet, as time goes by, many of them realize that it is better to raise a family, as their children would likely enjoy the social life and priviledges, in Western countries than in the Middle East. As much as nurses want to start all over again, they often think that it is too late for a new change.

Furthermore, in 2020 countries like New Zealand, Australia, US, Canada, and the UK, they need more nurses for their rising population.

The demand for nurses will remain evident in the Western countries in the upcoming years. I understand that competent and qualified nurses are needed in these lands, but if training hospitals are confident enough that they can train nurses well with the necessary skills they need, why do employers require IELTS for the nurses if they can listen, read, write, and talk in English? Do you imagine this is part of business to add expenses for the nurses and delay them from getting the jobs they desire?

It is time for the west to leave their doors wide open. It is time to reach out and help our nurses to find high-paying jobs that they deserve. Nurses take pride in the practice of their profession. They show passion and strong desire to help their patients. They, too, support the reform of the health delivery system and execute great things for their patients.

It is time for nurses to showcase and share their skills and knowledge. Nurses deserve more credit because their work often goes unrecognized. I suppose it is time to raise awareness of  our nurses' contributions. As people need the care of nurses now and then since everyone gets sick, nurses would remain devoted and committed to their nursing profession.

This is also the right moment for all nurses to unite as one and have good careers to help the sick anywhere they want to go; therefore, nurses deserve all the respect, more opportunities, and better pay.