Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why You Need God

By Alon Calinao Dy: All people need God. It is unimaginable to live in this world without a strong connection with Him. 

These days, many have no faith in Him. People do not believe the significance of the Lord for their lives since they have everything they need such as new gadgets, stylish outfits, social media, and many more.

Many people do not truly understand what God can do for them; He is the only answer for mysterious things. A lot of adults nowadays no longer pray, so children notice and observe what they do and follow them. 

For these people, prayers are not necessary unless there are heavy problems. Sometimes, they only realize they need God if they have unresolved problems, which seems impossible to figure out if there is no intervention of the Divine God.

Have you asked yourself these questions: When was the last time I prayed to the Lord? Am I frustrated that God did not hear my prayers right away? Or, Am I avoiding God because my faith is too frail? Whatsoever it is, I tell you that you don't bear the right to feel uncomfortable with the Creator God.

Be grateful each day because whatever you have in life, He can take all of the sudden those things which are valuable for you. But since He is the The Most Loving and Merciful God of all, He will always be there for you and hear any grievances in your heart.

People need God as He is the root of everything in order for us to live peacefully and happily. All of us never know what tomorrow may bring us, thus enjoy life with God. He would protect everyone and give all the things that rightfully belong to you. If you live with great concern, then do not be frighten for He is your Lord God and the Savior.