Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Are You in Favor of Death Penalty in the Philippines?

By Alon Calinao Dy: I worked in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, for nearly five years in total where the death penalty (also called capital punishment) was applied to prevent or reduce heinous crimes and drug trafficking. I should say it is effective as there are less reported crimes in these regions every year.

In the Philippines, murder is one of the most grievous crimes committed by people who disregard the value of life. In these past few weeks, a number of cases of killings of innocent people have been reported and most criminals can easily blot out and nowhere to find.

In my previous article, why Philippines needs more CCTV cameras, I think the government should put in more CCTV security systems on the streets to easily catch these lawbreakers. As well, it  is about time to talk about the death penalty. Just review all these grave crimes that happened this year and I am sure there is still a lot of them that have not been reported to the proper authorities.

Last June 12, an international Filipino race car driver Enzo Pastor was shot dead in Quezon City by unidentified gunmen, now the suspect is gunman PO2 Edgar Angel; the businessman Domingo De Guzman and Pastor's wife Dahlia were also associated with the murder.

Last August 14, a 26-year-old woman victim named Anria Espiritu was raped before she was obliterated due to multiple stab wounds by unknown people in Calumpit, Bulacan.

On the same date, a woman from General Trias 2, Cavite, was dragged into her room and raped before the suspected men robbed her home and stole her car.

Last September  8, a 7-year-old female child was raped and killed  by three suspected drug addicts in Paco, Manila.

A few days ago, on September 19, the veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache's mother Zenaida Sison, 75 years of age, was stabbed dead by still-unindentified assailants in Quezon City.

I am a pro life and I have heard the arguments between the government officials and religious people about death penalty. Although I believe that God is the only one who owns the right to take life away, I also consider fair justice system. I do understand that most churches are against capital punishment or the death penalty. I guess it is about time to tackle proposal to bring back the death penalty in the country in order to save more lives.

These criminals have no conscience as it becomes a habit for them to wipe out whoever is their target. They hold no fear of our justice system because it is too soft and anytime they can escape or bribe some prosecutors.
Once they receive payments, these people who supposed to serve and protect the public, will not seek justice anymore. Mga mukhang pera. Thus, ritual killings of people would continue.

I am a pro life, but if the death penalty will save more lives and reduce killings everywhere in the Philippines, I think it is about time to reconsider it.