Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Anabel Leodones Padolina: A Mother's Love

By Alon Calinao Dy: I have come across to a mother named Anabel, one of the trusted friends of my wife, who sincerely loves her one and only daughter Laureen. She's a little bit shy mom if I am going to describe her social life, but she is unquestionably a wonderful mother who always thinks about the welfare of her family, especially her precious little angel.

Photo credit: Anabel Leodones Padolina

One time she asked me what would be a very unique characteristic of the mother that her children will look up to her. I did not answer her question right away since the answer to the question is very subjective and I recognize that the answer is simply to describe herself how fantastic mom she is toward her daughter.

Anabel with her husband

If I would tell her qualities as a mother, I would say that she is an amazing mom who easily overcomes challenges in life, particularly if it is for her family. She is willing to manage anything for her loved ones. I see that Anabel has been setting up for the bright future of her lovely daughter.

I know that a mother like Anabel can work 24 hours a day just to compensate family expenses and have a decent life for her family. I think all good mothers would do the same as Anabel and ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children. I believe she will remain sturdy through hardships of life. That's one of the peculiar characteristics of a mother that no one can take away from her.

The Padolina Family

Anabel is a responsible mom and not all moms are responsible people. She is also very supportive and understanding person. Not everyone is able to provide the best options for their children as Anabel does, so that children can express their views freely without a fear of being reprimanded for their wrong decisions and actions.

To describe Anabel, is simple and easy. I am able to pin the evidence on her. Maybe it's time for her to see how awesome she is toward her daughter and the people around her.

Honestly, the real answer does not come from me as it comes from her golden heart and how people love her at her work.