Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Are Aswang Stories Fictional or Real?

By Alon Calinao Dy: I grew up in the rural area in Gandara, W. Samar where some people thought that they had seen "Aswang" and "Manananggal," which both creatures are considered as man-eating monsters.

I have not encountered the "Aswang"  in my entire life, but my very close kin uncle boy had witnessed an apparition or ghost when he was a teenager. Well,  an aswang and a ghost are two completely different topics. I would run away and get more scared of aswang and manananggal than a ghost. A wandering spirit can't physically harm me.

Found in Zaren Dumulugan Facebook

According to the story of Zaren, the bloodsucking creature was found in the province of Sarangani where the aswang victimized two innocent children in just two days. 

You might wonder where the place is located. It is the hometown of the fighting pride of the Philippines and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao, where he is the current representative and his wife Jinkee as a vice governor of the province.

Photo credit: The Black Scrapbook

A few months ago, there was a rumor that aswang who transformed into a bat had been found in the province of Capiz. But the Barangay officials in the area denied that the report was true, and only to find out that the woman that was caught by common people had a mental problem.

It is easier to make up stories about aswangs than to actually prove that they really exist. Aswang or manananggal is the case of a number of different stories over the years. I remember it was a story of my late grandfather to scare me off when I was a kid so that I would not stay late outside the house. 

But the question is, have you seen at least one aswang or manananggal in your entire lifetime?

If yes, I will be glad to hear your unusual encounter with the aswang or manananggal as long as you can prove it to the readers. And perhaps, I can write something about your whole experience with the bloodsucking monster.

For me, I define aswang as fear that usually cautions us to be safe. It is a warning for people, especially children, not to go out in the middle of the night because the real "aswangs" are those rapists, thieves, assassins, drug addicts, and others who continue to commit a variety of criminal activities on the streets.

These aswangs seem to get off due to their influence or some connections in the government. They should be punished based on their crime. If they are real threats to society, then they should be eliminated quickly.