Friday, December 5, 2014

Let's Pray For Zero Casualties From Super Typhoon Hagupit

By Alon Calinao Dy: People who live in coastal areas should leave immediately because Super Typhoon Hagupit, also known as Typhoon Ruby, is the strongest typhoon before the close of this year.

Everyone should not think twice as people learned their lessons when Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Visayas regions that caused thousands of lives, especially the places of Tacloban City and some parts in Eastern, Samar.

I believe that there is no safe place right now either in the whole region of Samar or Tacloban City, but it's only God who knows everything. And, it's great to know that massive evacuees have gone into nearby towns and city that have minimal casualties when a strongest typhoon such as Yolanda landed 13 months ago.

It is likely that Typhoon Hagupit will hit the whole Samar today, as a matter of fact, I am now experiencing rainfall with a strong current of air. Thus far, the locals prepare for the landfall of storm Ruby. People have already purchased food, fuel, and gasoline supply in case there is a brownout all over the place.

There is no more excuse for everyone. Life is so very precious. No one really has control over the situation right now, but life has many choices. As much as we want to take good care our valuable things at home, we must secure first ourselves and loved ones from this powerful typhoon that may head to flash floods, landslides, and many more.

We have experienced Yolanda, who had an estimated report number of 7,000 deaths last November, but the actual number close to more than 10,000 deaths as there are still bodies that have been discovered these recent months.

The impact of Hagupit may be powerful this year, but the hearts and prayers of the people in these affected regions are much stronger than this typhoon actually has. Please join me to pray for zero casualties from this powerful storm and recite one OUR FATHER for us.