Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Would You Still Buy A Cup Of Coffee After Meeting A Disrespectful Employee?

By Alon Calinao Dy: On the eve of December 2 while I was waiting for my flight at the International Ninoy Aquino Airport in Terminal 3 bound to Samar, which I considered  at the moment the best airport in Paranaque City, Metro Manila, I chanced to stay at Caffe Xpress in the second floor of the building.

Caffe Xpress, NAIA Terminal 3

There was a rude staff who approached and said to me, "oorder po kayo?" I promptly replied, "later." The male employee that night seemed unsatisfied with my response. He further added, "pasensya na po," gesturing to go away from their Caffe Xpress. After that, I left the shop without a single word.

At that moment, I am feeling very disrespected. Is this how he treats his clients? Where is the virtue of professionalism? How could you live by that every day of your work? Do you believe you can gain more customers if you won't show some respect?

Well I tell you what, a true respect comes from yourself first. If you want to be respected by others, then prove yourself that you are an honorable person. I don't want to talk to you about the importance of respect because you are too old for that. All I wish for you is to treat everyone well. Be courteous to all clients.

Oh, I forgot to bring up here. In fact, I was a new customer who dropped by, and you should at least greet me first or hand me a list of your food items. But then, you did not do your job properly and acted the other manner. You only saw me when in fact the other clients had no pending orders. You thought I couldn't afford a cup of coffee. So stupid. Sorry for what I just said.

Perhaps, that's what your bosses told you to restrict not so-called customers because it's bad for the business. I'm not sure. But I was a potential buyer if only you had patience. And maybe, it's only you the problem. I don't know. You should have explained to me that it is the shop's policy to get the orders right away. I am not a hard-headed person as you might think. I would definitely understand if you have spoken to me in a well-mannered way.

I just hope you could understand what I wrote. This is not for me alone, but this is for all customers who deserve some regard.

Caffe Xpress, NAIA Terminal 3