Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My First Visit At St. Andrew's Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Andrew, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

By Alon Calinao Dy: Church is a relaxing place to hide whenever I have worries and troubles in life. It is where I can have an open communication with our Lord Jesus who died for all of us to redeem our sins.

As much as possible, I'd like to travel to many churches in the Philippines. I got a chance to personally visit St. Andrew's Cathedral along with my friend, Ms. Kathleen Luntao (a talented poet), last December 3. This cathedral is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the country established by Augustinian friars on May, 11, 1580.

Ms. Kathleen Luntao
I decided to explore the area since I was fascinated with how they built such a sturdy structure that until now many Catholics still enjoy spending their weekends attending the mass ceremony.

I was mesmerized on how they'd managed their parish church for many decades. I really appreciated the Diocese of Paranaque for their successful work.

I met a wonderful friend and I called him Tito Carling, a Filipino-American, who enjoyed sharing stories about his past. He worked in the US Embassy in Manila for many years before he finally decided to join his wife in the United States.

Me, Tito Carling,  and Ms. Kathleen Luntao

Tito Carling called me a smart person, but I am just an ordinary person who loves expressing my thoughts. The three of us exchanged our own opinions about politics, work, personal experiences, and many other things.

Red Wine
Ms. Kathleen treated us carbonara pasta and juice drinks. Yummy! Tito Carling gave me some nuts from America as a Pasalubong. I purchased one bottle of red wine that some people believe a healthy drink in the heart as it has a powerful antioxidant that is essential to our health. 

Well, I must say that good food and friends are enough to complete my entire day.

It's not often you hear about St. Andrew's Cathedral on the TV or internet. Once you visit this stunning temple of God, I am sure you will know what I mean. The parish priest always reminds the worshipers to wear proper attire inside the church. It's definitely an old traditional way and I love it!

St. Andrew's Cathedral is a must place to pay a visit and I would definitely recommend it to all Christians visiting the area. Although I have a little time to roam around the spectacular building, the locals that I greeted seemed very happy and friendly people. Thus, it was a priceless experience during my short stay exploring the house of God.