Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Ways To Be Happy in 2015

By Alon Calinao Dy: Happiness is not something that can be taught at school or at home, but instead it is more personal and a dose of positive traits is necessary to combat unhappy feelings.

Over the years, I have discovered a secret on how to be happy with small things close to me. I am glad to pass on the knowledge to my readers as this is true and is proven effective ways to garner positive thoughts and feelings.
Angela Aquino

1. Be Proud of Yourself

Happy people are confident about themselves. It is important to be proud of yourself even though you encounter hard times in life. 

Happy people sometimes fail, but always bounce back.

2. Don't Forget To Smile

Happy people don't forget to smile most of the time because a smile is like a magic pill that is very contagious. They believe that a smile can light up the day of the people around them. 

Thus, they are not afraid to show their diamond smile.

3. Do not harbor anger and jealousy toward anyone

Happy people are grateful for the success of others. They believe that people have their own good fortune in life. Hence, they simply make successful people as their inspiration to do well  and not to envy what they achieve in life.

4. Know How To Look Back

Happy people are thankful for the people who have helped them throughout the years. They appreciate their parents, grandparents, and all the loved ones who become a big part in their lives. They constantly tend to reach out to others.

5. Open To Any Suggestions

Happy people know their limitations and often seek advice from their guardians. If anyone owns a better suggestion, they listen keenly and try to evaluate things which is more appropriate for them. 

After all, none of us are perfect.

As we move about our daily lives in 2015, I just wish for all of us to be happy more often.

I know it is unimaginable for us to perfectly feel happy when you don't have to. It is just normal to feel some insecurities in life, but hey, let's make this year a memorable one by being a loving, happy, and a good example to all.

Happy New Year To All People in The World!