Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Raymund De Guzman: A Well-respected Nurse

By Alon Calinao Dy: Raymund De Guzman is my best friend in college and until now we are very good friends. 

He is one of the people I truly admire and respect since he spent many years of nursing service in the Philippines, particularly at the Hospital Of The Infant Jesus in Manila, before leaving the country to work abroad. He is also energetic and passionate nurse in his workplace.

Raymund graduated from the minor seminary in the province of Pangasinan; I graduated from the same formation house but in the province of Samar. He is a loyal and trusted friend through the years who can keep secrets and confidential information about you. He's a tentative and a quite person as he knows how to listen to his friends before making any suggestions.

Facebook photo of Raymund De Guzman

Raymund, who presently works as a staff nurse at Al-Rustaq in Oman, believes that in order to become a successful nurse you should enjoy yourself in the service of the sick. 

It is the clean, white uniform that symbolizes the purity of the nursing profession, but it's always the act of the heart that does the talking and makes the job noble. He is well liked and wonderful nurse to all the people he worked with.

Facebook photo of Raymund  De Guzman

Beside me, he has dozens of friends since he is a friend or someone you can speak with whenever you have problems or you need a support system. It's apparent that he is admired by lots of people.

I'm so grateful to have him on my friends list as it is not a number of friends you can have, but it is the quality of friends that genuinely matters to me.

Thank you so much for the friendship, Raymund. I am sure you would bring many smiles to the people close to you, for you are a certified awesome friend.