Wednesday, December 24, 2014

There is No Life Without Pain

By Alon Calinao Dy: There is no gain in life without some pain. Each day, I suffer pain that it is only me who knows about it. It is not that I don't want to heal myself from the pain in life that is inevitable. 

Sometimes, the pain reminds me to be tough in everything that I do. Because of the pain, I become a good medicine.

The pain of losing a child in my wife's womb seems unbearable for me. That pain alone teaches me something valuable that life is like a blink of an eye.  

This means that God is the giver of life and anytime He can take away your precious one. That sort of pain is telling me that I must be ready all the time. It just says, laugh while you can still laugh, but cry until the pain is gone.

When I was young, I thought life was simple. I now realize that it's very complicated. I thought I could always get what I desire. But thanks to pain since it changes my perception in life.

I have gone through many challenges in life that I have come to believe I am a strong person who never gives up easily. Although it is somewhat normal to still feel the pain, as I said, the pain sometimes heals itself.

I really felt grateful for the experience with the pain in my life. This pain is a reminder that I am vulnerable to some bad moments in life; I know I would eventually learn an immensely valuable lesson.

This pain no matter how deep it is, as I believe, would make me a better person and give me a constant joy in the end.

It's true that there is no life without pain. Life is good, even though I lost a three-month old baby in my wife's womb. Life is amazing, even though I still feel so much pain till now.  And finally, life is wonderful, even though my new hope to have a baby had gone.

All these things happen for unknown reasons, but no matter hard it is, I can still say that life is truly good, amazing, and wonderful because God continues to bless me despite everything that happened to me.