Saturday, February 14, 2015

Do You Love Her Size or Do You Love Her As She is?

By Alon Calinao Dy: I have many friends, mostly men, say that physical appearance is the first impression, loving a person. This is not necessarily true for a few men. Some of my comrades prefer plus-size women not only because they are sweet, but also they have great hearts.

I am glad they do not entirely appreciate the true beauty of women by appearance, but they see the most beautiful part of a woman which is the heart. Most beautiful young women when they become old, their looks are going to change for sure. Just like a song "Nothings Lasts Forever."

Pretty and sexy women will just break your heart when they entertain too many suitors, and expect too much from you. I remember this was a statement of my close friend when we were still in college. I forgot to ask him this question: have you experienced this kind of pain?

I constantly hear from my colleagues about the popular saying "experience is the best teacher." It is true that an experience will teach us many important lessons in life. Some of us can write personal love stories because they are deeply wounded. Some of us can share successful love secrets because they are inspired.

But it does not matter whether or not your girlfriend whom you considered as the love of your life weighs more or less than you, as long as you truly love each other...Always listen to your heart and mind. Happy He♡rt's day everyone!