Monday, March 9, 2015

Abusive Employer Attacks A Filipino House Helper

Image from Facebook

By Alon Calinao Dy: Domestic abuse can be physical, verbal, financial, Psychological, and sexual abuse. But this woman here has suffered a physical abuse from her employer in Abu Dhabi.

I could not even take a look at this picture because she did not deserve this kind of maltreatment. 

According to the news report, this was not the only time she was abused by her employers, several times she just let it go since she feared for her safety. Most often her salary was not rendered to her even though she was almost working 24/7.

I believe it is about time to ensure the safety of our OFWs, especially those household workers since they are the ones who always experience domestic abuse.

They should have a safe haven where they can share their complaints from their abusive employers and alert the responsible agencies in the local area for these evil acts.

It is truly disgusting that some Filipino house workers are treated like animals. Not only Filipinos but we must give respect to all other nationalities as well. It's definitely a violation of human rights seeing the miserable woman with many bruises all over the body.

I just hope and pray that one day the Philippines will no longer send home workers to other countries, but they rather have a lot of job opportunities for the Filipinos in the country to support their respective families. 

It is sad to see an OFW, that we all considered as a hero, has endured too much pain from the physically abusive boss.

Original post from Nie-nie Austria on Facebook