Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do You Support The Bangsamoro Basic Law For Real Peace in Mindanao?

By Alon Calinao Dy: It is hard to comment about the Bangsamoro Basic Law, also known as the BBL, whether we should support it or not. 

You know the reason why? Because the issue of Mamasapano incident is not yet resolved and the wound is still fresh, especially for the affected families.

I understand Filipinos want to achieve peace in Mindanao. It is hard to see children growing up without the support of their fathers. It is hard to watch these young people enlisted themselves to become rebels so that they could avenge the deaths of their fathers.

As long as possible, we do not want conflict and bloodshed.

Representative Sitti, a woman and a strong political leader, spoke bravely in The Bottomline With Abunda show about her own perspectives about the Bansangmoro Basic Law. 

Sitti clarified that she is a peace advocate and they (a group of Muslim tribes) want the right to self-determination. That is why she is not against the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

In her speech, Sitti is confident that BBL will make Mindanao a peaceful area and would not mean that it is a path for their separation from the Philippines but rather would make them close to the country.

I admit I admire her courage. I also believe in her talks with TV host Boy Abunda that she told the truth from the heart. But still, it is hard to say Yes or No about this new law.

The question now is, are we all going to take risks related to the Bangsamoro Basic Law or are we going to say "NO" to anything?

It is now up to the people to decide whether they trust the MILF or not. I think we have witnessed too much bloodshed in Mindanao. 

It is too easy for us to say "Yeah, all out war" because we are not the ones who are risking our lives.
But if we live there or put ourselves in their shoes, I am sure you would think twice whether you still need this war or not.