Sunday, March 22, 2015

Join Solid Supporters of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Facebook Page

By Alon Calinao Dy: This page is created for all the supporters of Davao Mayor Duterte, but other political parties are not happy about it. Even a person who identified himself as a supporter has encouraged me to like what is said the real page of Mayor Duterte, which is not a problem for me just as long as we need to support one another.

What I don't like about the timbre of his tone is that he wants only one page for Duterte, the page he knows the legitimate. If you want Davao Mayor Duterte to win in the presidential race in 2016, I think it is more beneficial to have many pages or groups for him.

In this manner, we can spread the word about him. Everyone is entitled to vote and support whoever is the politician that is right for our beloved country. 

Now Rody Duterte is in the third place of Pulse Asia Survey, it is simply because of the solid supporters who continue to trust that he can make a big difference for our nation. So, I strongly encourage everyone to create your own group or page for Davao Mayor Duterte and spread the word about him.

Don't think twice, do so. I believe Duterte is the future leader that we all need in our land. Of course the future is not clear, if we are not one and let jealousy reign at each other. Let's put aside our personal interests, but let's unite that we have a goal. That goal is to make Davao Mayor Duterte the next president in 2016! 

Can we do that, guys?