Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. Will Lose The Fight on May 2

By Alon Calinao Dy: What is wrong with these people, anyway? They put their money on Mayweather to win the on May 2 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, believing he is going to win "The Fight of the Century." Yeah, right.

When you are with the best fighters of the world these days, it's very hard to predict especially if you see 47-0, a perfect record of Mayweather Jr. You might even think that the American fighter has the edge over the Filipino boxing icon, but I tell you not to be fooled by what you see now.

The truth is, Mayweather avoided Pacquiao for the past 5 years. It is not because Mayweather is afraid of Pacquiao, but his greatest concern is the first defeat, as he already told the whole world that he is a better fighter than anyone else. So, it is a punch on his face if he loses a fight.

Juan Manuel Marquez and Amir Khan said that Mayweather will win the bout, but this is not reliable. It is only their opinion and everyone is entitled to his personal views. 

Yes, I do admire the styles of Mayweather that make it difficult for other boxers, but not to Pacquiao. Remember, Pacquiao throws a bunch of punches and these punches have power that might knock Mayweather down.

Mayweather has the best defense as they said, but the defense of Pacquiao is his persistent attack. It is true that Mayweather is a better counter-puncher than Marquez, but it is the only evidence why you should trust Floyd against Pacquiao. In fact, Maquez knocked Pacquiao out when he made a tremendous mistake. But it does not mean Marquez and Mayweather are better boxers than Pacquiao.

This is the truth: Mayweather now fights Pacquiao because he believes he can beat him just like what Maquez did. I guess Mayweather only decides to fight an opponent when he thinks he has an advantage. Is he a wise boxer? I don't think so. I tell you... This is his first mistake. Pacquiao is a better fighter than Marquez. That "lucky punch" saved him because Pacquiao made a terrible error.