Friday, May 29, 2015

Do You Think Some Politicians Are Merciless Killers?

By Alon Calinao Dy: As 2016 election is coming in less than a year, locals are worried about the various killings of people, especially among political leaders. They get killed not because they are criminals, but because they are political rivals.

I've got a question, what is the difference between killing political rivals and killing real criminals? If you ask me, there is a big difference.

Hired killers are trained to kill anyone. Please take note, anyone ―including innocent people and so, some people agree that killing them would be just like killing the wild beasts in the jungle.

Some say that killing these hired criminals and political leaders who are involved in the murder is better for everyone, which I think it would help maintain peace and order in our country.

Politicians, who killed their political challengers, are mostly free and dangerous murderers. Locals are alarmed that these political killings would become habitual activities by the gunmen that are being compensated by these dirty politicians.

It is common in the province like Samar and others for the rich and powerful politicians to have private armies (also known as goons), seeking for protection against their political competitors.

In Samar, there are politicians who are willing to kill people and sell their souls to Satan in the names of power, money, and titles. If there is no solution about this problem, then a lot of people are going to die. 

Religious leaders called the attention of the Philippine government because an alarming rise in the number of violent deaths of people in Samar and other provinces in the country.

These dirty politicians and hired killers, who go on to act as terrorists among the local residents, should be investigated and imprisoned for the terrors they cause to the people. But sad to say, they are still out there as free and unknown attackers.

I think it is about time to have a strong leader and Kamay na bakal in the Philippines. Stop receiving stolen money from these corrupt politicians. Because if you do this, you are not helping your Filipino brothers and sisters and your country. The real change starts in you.