Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is Harakiri A Solution For The Shameless Faces of Corrupt Politicians?

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By Alon Calinao Dy: In Japan, Harakiri is a voluntary suicide among Japanese Samurai to preserve their honor after they commit serious offenses or if they fail to perform a certain task. 

Japanese think that suicide is an act of bravery and loyalty at work, not cowardliness. It is their way to tell their citizenry that they want to die with honor rather than to commit the same mistakes over and over again.

In the Philippines, it is a different account. Some Filipino politicians who are arrested in the graft and corruption have shameless faces. They plausibly deny the allegation even though it may be true. They still think they are qualified to run for office. Kapal ng face!

It is true that decades ago the Philippines used to be the second richest nation in Asia, next to Japan. But, where are we now? It is sad to realize that we are now a poor country. It is also sad to see that many government officials are nowadays corrupt from barangay tanod up to the highest office.

I think the root cause of all these is the worst political system in the country. No foreign investors are going to drop their money if they know they can't easily get business permits without bribery from these crooked politicians. Admit it or not, many government employees now work for the influencial politicians but not for the people.

Going back, I do not literally say that Filipino politicians should commit suicide after they have been found guilty.
All I want to say is that if you are a good leader, you are man enough to take responsibility, admit your mistakes, and face charges from your wrongdoings.

A person can only live once. Do the proper thing, and honor is one of the best characteristics you can be proud of and show to your people.

Forget about the money, the power, and the popularity you'd earn after you win the election. They won't last forever. The legacy of a leader is more significant than all these. People are going to remember you even after you die if you honor your oath as a political leader.