Saturday, May 23, 2015

National ID System: Is It Good or Not?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Most developed countries have a national ID system to protect the best interest of their citizens and governments. Both have benefits to easily pinpoint criminals and avoid corruptions among government agencies.

National ID should be brought by every Filipino citizen wherever he goes, and should present this card whenever he wants to get his NBI, passport, SSS, Philhealth, driver's license, application, and others.

Under this system, protesters are worried about the arising number of fake IDs. A person can't duplicate or tamper with this card. That's why the government should look to it that it is unique and can't be faked by anyone else except the government alone.

In the Middle Eastern countries, a police officer usually has the right to look into every suspicious individual for safety purposes. A responsible person should constantly bring this ID with him, for he might be questioned and imprisoned by the authority if found dangerous to the Filipino community.

Every Filipino citizen should protect these details within his card as confidential, and there is nothing to worry about if a police officer might check your identity for security purposes. This is simply a routine procedure to safeguard the public.

Under the house bill no. 5060, every Filipino has to utilize this card for any transactions as mentioned above. A serial number is a unique set of numbers that is used for life. This should have been put through a long time ago, and I think this national ID system is beneficial for every Filipino.