Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Senator Bam Aquino Wants Reformist People

By Alon Calinao Dy: You've probably heard that many foreign nationals are proud of Filipinos. Filipinos are talented and hardworking people. In short, madiskarte sa buhay. But, are we really proud of ourselves as what others think of us?

This is the problem. We show other people that we can work 24 hours a week and do anything we desire. But admit it or not, we are afraid of change. We always practice the things that we are familiar with. We are concerned that we might not be productive anymore, if new things are taught to us.

On May 25, 2015, 7 p.m., at the Conti's Restaurant in Greenbelt 2, Makati City, I was invited to go to a meeting with Senator Bam Aquino and his team to discuss about his proposed laws. One thing I observed from Senator Bam Aquino is that he is not afraid of change, especially if it is to the right of everyone. He is a reformist, a humble senator, a honest person, and a very smart leader. That's why I am looking forward to these bills.

Of course, I want to see some actions not just reactions. I believe Sen. Bam has a bright future ahead of him because he is always a positive person. I always like people na palaging POSITIVE. I don't know how to say this, but the problem among Filipinos is that they are scared of the changes that might help them in the end. 

Yes, the fear seems endless... We always play safe. We don't want to take risks or try first and see what the outcome. We frequently say we can't do this and that. There is always a doubt in ourselves even though things are attainable. That's why I don't tend to hang on to the negative people. You'd just feel pity for yourself.

Jim Paredes, a music icon and one of the members of the famous APO Hiking Society, believed that Filipinos should be proud of our origin, patronizing our own dialect before other languages.

It is true that many Filipinos around the world are not happy about the culture that has much to be proud of. I think we should not forget the good attitudes of being a Filipino. We should patronize our own products and teach our children Tagalog language, even though they are born in another country. 

One best trait of a Filipino is being respectful to the elders. Another is our love for the country. These are one of the important values that Filipino people should not forget till their last breath. 

I forgot to thank Mr. Paredes for the song  he wrote and sung "Thank You World," a heartfelt song that gave new hope and touched the spirits of the Yolanda survivors. I appreciated his great effort for my kababayan during these difficult times.

Photo courtesy of Senator Bam Aquino Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Senator Bam Aquino Facebook page

Senator Bam Aquino is a leader who has an open mind towards making positive change in the country. He is open to any suggestions from anyone. He does not judge a person based on his principles in life, whether you are a pro or anti government.

I actually told Senator Bam that one of the main problems in the Philippines is politics. The tradition of politics starves local government employees who work hard for their families, communities, and country including the farmers and local businessmen, because the loyalty of the workers relies to the present mayor, congressman, governor and not towards their respective communities in the fear of losing their businesses and jobs.

Senator Bam wants to change the old and corrupt system of politics and is also open to an idea of national ID system if this would help every Filipino to reduce corruption in the government and private agencies.

I just hope Filipinos should not be afraid of positive changes and avoid negative thinking. I believe Senator Bam will remain optimistic and reformist about the future of the Philippines. I think Filipinos should open their mind and eyes, think positively, and change should not be their biggest fear.