Friday, June 26, 2015

A Pretty Job Applicant Complains A Sex Maniac Employer

By Alon Calinao Dy: It's all over the social media that a pretty woman with three kids has allegedly disrespected by her prospective employer, forcing her to have sex with him prior to her final interview.

The alleged interviewer, Leo Gonzalez III, named by a unidentified woman and was shared by Christian Perez on Facebook, has texted the woman to wrap herself as a gift, assuring her to land a job in the company.

According to their text conversation, the woman told Mr. Gonzalez that she was there for a job not to have sex with him. She also informed him that she already had children, but the man insisted that it is OK. A pissed off woman shared their conversation to social media to serve a lesson for abusive men.

Whether the report is true or not and you are a boss or not, let us not take advantage of other people. Let us respect women because you have a mother too. They earn the same respect that men have. It does not entail that you can do anything you want because you think she is helpless and a woman.

I admire the courage of a woman. Although she badly needed a job for her family, she did not try to do a foolish act. I guess there are many stories like this out there. If somebody tries to abuse us, we must do the same circumstance, what the woman did to this alleged sex maniac employer.

Always remember, you have a lot of choices to do what is right!