Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Nestor Jasm Story: The Best Daddy in the World

By Alon Calinao DyMagpakailanman program hosted by Mel Tiangco has an amazing story last night about a broken family that despite all the sacrifices and hardship Nestor has encountered from his father, he has learned to forgive and done well to uplift the status of his family and be reunited with his daughter.

Aljur Abrenica played the role of Jasm and Sharmaine Arnaiz and Joko Diaz as his parents. The story has touched the audience and many viewers have extended their support to Jasm for being a role model for his little brother Albert. 

Aljur became a" prodigal son" at the beginning and started making mistakes, but then he realized the importance of a family and the endless love from his mother. His mother accepted his mistakes and supported him to become a better man.

Aljur has fulfilled his ambition to finish his computer degree. When an opportunity knocked at his door, he worked hard for his family earning a big salary at work. Gradually, he started to fulfill his promise to his only daughter "to be the best daddy in the world."

I think the overall story teaches us to do well in life. Filipinos who have the same circumstance with Jasm should not pinpoint the faults of their parents. But instead, they should strive to achieve their dreams in life. Because in real life, it has full of challenges. It depends on how you're going to deal each one of them.

The Nestor Jasm Story has inspired millions of Filipinos around the world. Having no father at your side is not a good reason why you'd give up and not give your best shot in life. Jasm has realized that in order to offload the burden from his heart is to forgive his father. 

Jasm finally lets go the pain in his heart that tormented him over the years. He has accomplished his childhood dream and promised to love his family especially his daughter.