Friday, June 12, 2015

Philippines: Is It Time To Bring Back The Death Penalty?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Some people do not agree on the implementation of the death penalty in the Philippines. They constantly ask this question: what if the government makes mistakes? I understand what they feel that there should be no rooms for mistakes, and I think being sorry is not just enough. If this is the case, I'm sure this would create new marches, public meetings, and protests on the streets among religious people and activists.

I don't want to see innocent people being put to death. We live in a world of lies. Some people who are convicted of crimes do not admit the fact that they have committed offenses, and even if the evidence is so strong. Also, others who have money, power, and strong connections can twist the truth. 

Those who oppose the death penalty said that it is not a solution to reduce the alarming number of crimes. Others remain to their religious stance that no one has the right to kill a person. Then, what is their proposed solution for these criminals? Is it OK to let them shoot down innocent people while we just watch and tolerate them? Or, do they have the right to simply kill anyone while the victims' families suffer the pain for their loss?

Unarguably, the death penalty, in the past, has been practiced by most societies. Even Jesus Christ did not elude the punishment of death, as they believed that some people did not deserve to live for committing certain types of crime. However, the Lord Jesus Christ was innocent. But nonetheless, he was put to the death by the Jewish people. 

It is true that life is sometimes unfair. The Lord Jesus was a victim of injustice. Yes, I understand the concern of our religious leaders that we must value life because it is a precious gift from God. But these criminals do not fear God anymore. They do not respect the lives of other people as they continue to murder, rape, and terrorize women and children. Would you let them live just like that?

I don't tolerate criminal activity of any sort. I agree that life should be cherished by every person. But if the death penalty is one of the solutions to reduce the sudden rise of crimes, so be it. I don't want to see more innocent people being killed by these criminal gangs, I don't want to see women being raped, and I don't want you and your loved ones become preys by these outlaws.

We have abolished the capital punishment in the country, but sooner or later we would need to carry out this law again because the people demand for it. I guess it's true that history repeats itself.