Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Heroic Dog Helps A Disabled Man in Vietnam

By Alon Calinao Dy: We have discovered many things about dogs who help people in their lives. I viewed dog — as a man's best friend. Here is an awesome story of a dog who helped a handicapped man in Vietnam. 

A disabled man has no family who could attend his daily needs. He has no feet to move around as what normal people do. But amazingly, his dog was helping his out in his daily walks. They were not alone because they slept together in a little corner of the street. JUST LIKE A HAPPY FAMILY.

I find it interesting that a dog can truly be a man's best friend. This man in the picture was not a beggar, and he did not ask any money from the people in order to live. He worked hard despite his disability. His pet thought like a man, who would never leave him alone so helpless. Thanks to this heroic dog.

Every year, dogs have been killed for no cause. They are beaten to death by the victims because there are dog owners who are irresponsible. Dog owners should also be held liable for the onslaught. If humans are considered as masters, best friends, and trainers, then it is our duty to train them well to be friendly to the strange people that have no threats to our properties.