Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kamuning Policemen Being Disciplined By Their Superior Officer

By Alon Calinao Dy:  On my way to Ortigas last June 17, I spotted three policemen in Kamuning Police Station being disciplined by their superior officer. I think they did 100 push ups for being late at work. Whoever this superior officer, I salute you for being responsible and taking control of your men.

Not all policemen are crooks. There are still many good and responsible cops. In real life, we judge them and don't see their great efforts in maintaining peace and order. 

It is true that there are bad and good cops. That is why discipline is very essential during their early formation. I don't want to see policemen who do not play by the rules and those who are involved in various crimes. Low income should not be a valid reason for them to participate in any illegal activities. They should realize their big responsibilities and must follow their oaths as law enforcers. 

The most common question from the people is, what about if their superior officers are corrupt and the ones who are involved in crimes? That is why you should always play by the rules. Rules are rules, and the saying "No one is above the law" must be applied. In maintaining good discipline, our laws should have to have claws if we want to bring back the trust of the people.