Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Would You Do During An Armed Robbery?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Have you gone through this scary situation when someone pointed a gun at your head? I experienced it in Recto, Manila, in front of Ever Gostesco after I graduated nursing last 2005. Two men and 1 woman declared a robbery when I was in the public vehicle. It was my first time, I panicked and struggled back. Fortunately, there was a police who helped me catch a armed robber. The two thieves escaped, but the chief of police quickly ordered a manhunt operation in the area where these robbers were located. 

I thanked this young brave policeman who helped me catch a thief. While I was on my way to the police station to report the incident along with other complainants, this young brave officer asked for help to his fellow policemen in searching the criminals but these old officers were drinking alcoholic beverages  at that time and so, they did not cooperate well.

In the police station, they did not include in my statement that they caught a deadly weapon, an automatic pistol, and it really got me mad. They told me to increase the value of my stolen watch so that the culprit would suffer a grievous punishment. But at the back of my mind, why would they hide a deadly weapon and excluded it in my true sworn statement if they wanted to imprison the offender?

Anyway, that was my bad experience of the investigative officer. No wonder the gun they captured was a beautiful one, that is why they were interested in it. After all what happened, I still think that there are good officers out there. My advice to the young cops to always stick with the right rules and change the old, corrupt system in your respective departments.

For the armed robbery victims ― It is important to protect yourself when you experience this kind of scary situation. Do not fight an armed robber, especially if you have nothing to hide or you are surrounded. 

Don't panic and don't do like what I did. Remain calm, because these criminals are dangerous when they are frightened. Don't put yourself in danger because they can hurt you, or even worse, kill you instantly.

I encourage law enforcement officials to install CCTV cameras on the side of the streets and main roads to protect commuters. Normally, these robbers often return to a venue where they have been successful as it becomes their source of quick money. Because there's a growing number of crimes in the country,  I am in favor to use harsh punishments for them so that they could no longer victimize innocent people.