Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Pregnant Woman Complains Eating A Spider At Chowking

Photo from Ivy Miranda

By Alon Calinao Dy: A pregnant diner complained about her kangkong food that contained a spider at Chowking Shell NLEX on her way home last Dec. 26. Despite rumors that the said restaurant had previous complaints according to her statement, she still considered Chowking as her favorite eating place.

A pregnant woman, named Ivy Miranda, said that the manager of the said restaurant returned her 39 pesos due to humiliation, but she took a picture as an evidence that they'd served her this kind of food. 

She also stressed that she will file a case against the management for she's currently pregnant and a high risk for food poisoning. It's true that there's an increased likeliness for food poisoining even if you eat a little part of it. 

Expecting mothers should be very careful about every food they eat if it's safe both for mom and baby. Although we do not know the side story of Chowking restaurant, food servers and managers should be super careful about the food they serve because diners are paying them money for this, considering the health of every consumer. 

Food poisoning during pregnancy is not common. It may lead to miscarriage as it may account for various maternal and fetal complications. Although we do not know if it causes harmful effects both for mother and baby, it's advisable to visit your attending physician as soon as possible for further examinations and details about the incident.