Saturday, December 26, 2015

Duterte's T-shirts are Available in 2016

By Alon Calinao Dy: Starting next year Duterte's T-shirts will be available from various groups who support the mayor of Davao City to bring awareness to the Filipino people that real change is coming in the Philippines.

Photo credit Louise Andrei
Some volunteer groups are giving free T-shirts for Mayor Duterte. Others are selling their own or different designs for those avid supporters of Duterte who want to buy T-shirts at an affordable price.

Duterte said he had no money to run for president in the coming election. It's OK to have Duterte's volunteers to promote him in different groups or organizations who believe in him.

In the Philippines, those wealthy politicians, who have resources, usually win in the election as vote buying is rampant in the country. Hopefully, Filipino voters are intelligent now as no money can buy their future.

Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte has no money or resources, but he has a lot of supporters who love him. Ms. Louise Andrei, one of many supporters of Digong, is selling a cheap T-shirt of infamous mayor that costs buyers 150 pesos each.