Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Do Not Fear Duterte, But Your Wrongdoings

By Alon Calinao Dy: A few months ago Duterte ignored the call of people to run for president in 2016 because he thought his ambition has gone too far. Imagine, from mayor of Davao City to the presidency. That's what former mayor Alfredo Lim did, but he failed. I can fully understand that.

We know that Mayor Duterte is a simple man who works hard for his family and people of Davao City. But then, he analyzed the situation of the Philippines and made a firm decision that he will run for president in the coming election, something that he must do in order to combat the rising number of crime and corruption in the country.

Some journalists may call Duterte as a liar, but he is not. His intention is clear and that is to clean the desks of corrupt people and solve the never-ending crime in the country.

Duterte's haters feel threatened as they begin to see another Marcos who would declare a martial law. If you are a law abiding citizen, then there's no need to worry about your life. Everyone should respect the rule of law. It is simply being responsible for our actions. 

We must not fear Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Fear is a challenge we need to fight, that something horribke is going to happen if Duterte becomes a president. Yes, a fear that teaches us something else and will never happen because it negates us to think positive things for our future.

Critics attack Duterte for being disrespectful to Pope Francis. They even called him an old man with dementia who lost his mind. This is a clear motivation of political attack despite his great accomplishments in Davao City. We know that being respectful comes not only through words but through our actions. 

Ask this question: Is Duterte something we should all fear? Of course, not. We all deal with fear every day of our lives, but we can break this chain of fear if we overcome this fear of uncertainty and think positively.