Saturday, December 5, 2015

Duterte is Being True To Himself

By Alon Calinao Dy: I don't understand why some Filipinos do not like people who are honest to themselves. We hate people who are telling the truth about their true colors. We judge them so easily as if we do not commit mistakes.

The problem for some Filipinos is that they do not accept that they made errors.  We named ourselves  as holy people but we hide the fact that we do evil things.

Each day, people many people die because we allow criminals to live free. Every day, children and women are being raped  because we blamed them for wearing revealing clothes. The sad truth is that even some religious leaders are the ones who lead graft and corruption but nobody points the finger at them.

Please, stop pointing fingers and placing blame on others. We all commit mistakes.

Nowadays, drug users and crooks are everywhere. Some allow children's exploitation. Others abuse the power that people entrusted to them. This is because we do not fear any laws -- the laws of God and the land.

Duterte is a living proof that Filipinos are not yet prepared for his type of leadership. If we want a real change, the government can't do something about it if it doesn't start from ourselves.  A discipline is what we all need at this moment.

Though Duterte has been named as bad-mouthing mayor, many Filipinos know that it is just an expression as it means nothing for being a great leader. At some point in our lives, we say bad things and words toward someone.

I appreciate religious and political leaders who provoke peace instead of heated argument.  I am so very sad about today's news that the people we look up to are the ones who ignite the public anger.

I will support Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as best as I can because he is the one I see who is telling the truth among other presidential candidates. I will support him because he is honest enough to admit mistakes. That's why we shouldn't be afraid for telling the truth if this means for the good of our country.