Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Meaning of Alon Dy

Wow. I can't believe I saw the original meaning of my name. This is a coincidence. I don't expect this but most of the descriptions here truly correlate with my personality. I don't know who wrote this. Perhaps, someone in the past. Thanks for this. -- Alon Calinao Dy

The life path number of Alon Dy is 8. People with the life path number 8 are energetic, dynamic with incredible powers of concentration. Their faith can move mountains. This motto stand high in their minds, when you do something, then go all in or don't do nothing. They hate everything mediocre! You are an individualist who is a colossal success or an non-success. However, you can also build your major success in later years. They have an almost magnetic charisma on others who are irresistibly drawn. You can be warm and generous and do a lot for yourself and others. Having outrageous energy and activity in all physical, intellectual and artistic areas. By having such great dynamic, it can happen, that you push others arway, as they feel inferior in front of your capability. If you want, you can emit strong personal charm. One great part of you is loyalty, trustworthyness and willingness to fight for something or someone who needs your help. You should learn to use your energy in a creative sense and only lead it into positive channels. If you fail to do so, it could be that a part of your unfocused energy expresses itself in aggression against others. Especially against those who are as talented as yourself. You can get involved with someone or something very fast. However it's better to not automatically assume everyone else would be as committed as you are. Having a tendency to expect just as much back from others as you are able and willing to give. But not everyone can pursue your goals and accomplish your performance! In addition sometimes there is a tendency to move from dedication to fanaticism without noticing this. But fanaticism is blind. Since it is not always easy for you to show your true feelings, some people percieve you for colder and more distant than you are. This can make you feel lonely and misunderstood. Learn to express your feelings a little more. If you had a failure, it is very difficult for you to initially process it internally. But if you've done this, you are able to invest the same amount of energy in the next thing you will strive for. If something or someone does not interest you, you can be abrupt and tactless. Always make sure to use your powers positively. You can in fact destroy incredibly much when you let negative energy flow into your channels.

Source: The Name Meaning Alon Dy and Origins