Saturday, February 20, 2016

Say No To Illegal Drugs

By Alon Calinao Dy: Drug Addiction for Filipinos is believed to be one of the major problems in the Philippines and has claimed many innocent lives every year. It is important to promote drug awareness and prevent people from using illegal drug, marijuana, teen drinking, and smoking abuse.

A few days ago, the municipality of Gandara, Western Samar launched a Drug Awareness Program to educate their residents about the effects of drug addiction that poses a serious threat to the generations to come.

When someone you loved is addicted to drugs, a person will suffer a lot of complications socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Thus, to avoid feeling that a drug user is in a different world, let's spread the word and say "No To Drugs!" 

Gandara Kontra Droga

Intake of illegal drug will definitely kill a person in the end because of its harmful effects, especially the combinations of alcohol, smoking ang drug substance. In many cases, a drug user commits a crime in order to fund a drug habit. 

An illicit drug user, who takes methamphetamine or generally known as Shabu, is most often a very dangerous individual in ruining the lives of innocent people because this drug is truly addicting as it changes user's physical appearance and brain function by becoming psychotic, hearing voices, and hallucinating different things.

Indeed, it is difficult to treat a person once addicted to illegal substance. But to avoid people that indulge in crimes like murder, stealing, prostitution, and other violent crimes, let's help authorities to crack down on both users and distributers so that our enviroment will become a safe and friendly place for everyone especially for our chilidren. Start today and make a big difference.