Friday, February 19, 2016

Which Gender Do You Prefer For Marriage?

By Alon Calinao Dy: There are several reasons why same sex couples cannot be legalized in the Philippines. For many,  this is a Christian and Muslim country and the obvious explaination for this is to ignore same-sex marriage ruling whether it is gay or lesbian marriage. 

In other countries, it says that same-sex marriage had already been made legal particularly in the United States. For the LGBT community, they believe that love is not the measurement of your gender, but how much you accept and enjoy being together.

The topic about Manny Pacquiao that he was against the same-sex marriage decision becomes a big issue for many Filipinos especially for LGBT community.
It appears it becomes a major concern for a Christian and Muslim country like Philippines.

It is something that the religious people weigh more important than those unbelievers on the Bible, as some say the homosexual behaviour is wrong, a sinful act, and immoral that everyone should not yield to these desires.

Now the question is, which gender do you prefer for marriage: is it gay marriage? is it lesbian marriage? is it heterosexual marriage?

This article is written to find out whether people want heterosexual marriages or same sex unions.