Thursday, March 3, 2016

Are Waray People Maisog?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Maisog means brave in English. I think Waray people are one of the most loving, religious, and peacekeeping people here in the Philippines. 

The said saying that "basta Waray maisog" is only true to some degree. When they know their rights have been violated by other people, of course, that's the time the popular expression becomes real.

Whatever your race or ethnic background is, people can be maisog (brave). Being brave is not about killing your enemies and show how fearless you are, but thinking things before you react to something or by knowing things beforehand. Also, being brave is different from being stupid when you know you are not afraid and easily being carried away by your emotions.

I am a proud Waray and I've seen many courageous Waray people in the country. I've seen some who are willing to fight against their enemies until their last breath, especially when they experience oppression from their rivals.

This is not the definition of bravery. Don't do things for the sake of being brave. Think twice, thrice, and many times before taking a risk. Your life is important, too. 

Yes, being brave is about patience and understanding. But everything has a limit. When you know if you are being abused, show them that you are true-blooded Waray and brave warriors. Show them the true meaning of brave. Because Waray people as the old Waray Waray song by Eartha Kitt said: 

Waray Waray hindi tatakas 
Waray Waray handang matodas 
Waray Waray bahala bukas 
Waray Waray mabigas!

NOT ONLY BRAVE BUT ALSO SMART PEOPLE. But my advice is, walk away from trouble if you can.