Friday, March 11, 2016

Does An Enchanted Place Like Biringan City Really Exist?

An Enchanted place of Biringan City

By Alon Calinao Dy: I have been hearing about the different stories of Biringan City since I was a kid in Gandara, Western Samar. I now wonder if it really exists. If Biringan is not real, then just like any various enchanted ghost stories, these stories about this very strange city would have been long gone. But there's something about this mythical city that many Samarenos or Samarnons believe to this day. Since early years, it had been found somewhere in an Island of Samar between Calbayog and Catbalogan land area. 

Photo of Veronica Cuevas

A very recent case of Ms. Veronica Cuevas who received a decision letter from the Court of Appeals last March 3, 2016, appearing the address of this mythical city --Beringan. Perhaps, Borongan Samar was just misspelled by the one who sent the letter. Or, do you still believe that there is a place like Biringan City? 

What is Biringan City? Biringan City is believed to be an enchanted place where until now nobody knows the exact location of it. Some say that this is a place of magical people, immortal creatures, evil and good spirits, different creatures, and many other accounts. 

Also, Biriingan City had been called as a mysterious "now-you-see-it" and "now-you-don't" city. But the truth is, this remains a big question mark for residents in Samar despite great achievements in Science and Technology to these days.

Perhaps, Biringan City is true because there are many unsolved killings of people in Samar, and these wandering souls, I believe, are still crying for JUSTICE like a latest case of a 14-year old girl named Angel Baylon, who was hit by a stray bullet on her head that led to her death a few days ago in Calbayog City.

Based on my understanding Biringan City will forever live in the hearts of thousands of Samarenos until there are people who have been killed without JUSTICE. Many waray people will continue to live in terror if there are violent crimes that nobody can explain. This is one of the reasons why waray people call to end killings in Samar because each one wants to live a peaceful life without someone who is plotting to kill you