Friday, March 11, 2016

Presidential Aspirant Rodrigo Duterte is The Last Card

By Alon Calinao Dy: I have encountered supporters of presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in many different places, but I am happy to see that my childhood friend named Jomboy is an avid fan of Duterte. Like millions of Filipinos who hope for a real change in the Philippines, my friend showed his support by wearing a Duterte silicone wristband on his right hand.

With Jomboy Uy

I admit I am a supporter of presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte too. I believe he is the last card that Filipinos need to bring a real change in our country. Although I respect the choice of other voters who they really want to vote in the coming Presidential 2016 Elections, I still stand to support Duterte, especially he's stand against drugs and criminality.

A few months from now, Filipinos will have a new president as the election season is heating up early. Presidential candidates are actually talking Sh*T against each other.

I have heard some promises because some politicians are natural good liers who forget about their oath to the people after the election. Yes, I've heard all these sweet lies before. 

Although not everyone is happy about Duterte, Jomboy and the rest of Duterte's supporters believe that Philippines can be a great nation if ever Duterte will be elected as a new president in the country.

There are voters who are afraid to vote Duterte because he has traits of a tough leader who used curse words when he is being interviewed. NO PROBLEM. He is true to himself. I will still vote Duterte because of his strong principles and effective leadership to bring a real change in our country. Two votes for Duterte from Jomboy and me!