Sunday, March 6, 2016

Late President Fedinand Marcos Prophecy About Filipinos is Coming True

By Alon Calinao Dy: Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos had a prophetic statement that after 20 years ousted in power, Filipino people will remember him for what he believed and contributed to his country.

Now, it seems these visions are coming true. Marcos loyalists believe that Philippines is a rich country during the time of President Marcos. In fact, they added that it was not the darkest time in Philippine history, but rather the golden years of the country. 

My late grandfather on my father's side was a Marcos loyalist. He always told me about the great accomplishments of Marcos when I was a child. When I grow up, I started to investigate about the facts during Marcos regime. Others claimed that the late president was like Hitler who had many Martial Law victims. 

I question myself every day. I think Filipinos just tend to easily forgive and forget about the past ( just take a look at those high-profile politicians who were imprisoned but were given a presidential pardon). What about those people who claimed that they endured brutality in Marcos' Martial Law? What if they said the truth? People have to understand their feelings, and should not be judgmental about them. 

It seems for me that the history repeats itself. I was born in the year 1984, 31 years old now, and I admit I didn't know those real events happened in the past. These are stories and opinions from the people I talked to. 

However, hate him or not, I'm really impressed about the visions and missions of our late President Marcos. One of these was a project he accomplished in Bataan, the Bataan Nuclear Power.

If it was supported by the succeeding administrations, Filipinos would have to pay low electricity bills. Not only that he completed projects like LRT 1, Philippine Heart Center, Kidney Center, Philippine Lung Center, San Juanico Bridge, and many other things.

What led to the downfall of Ferdinand Marcos? Number one was EDSA revolution, also called People Power Revolution. Some say that he was greedy for power. Others say that his downfall came from his trusted leaders and followers. Some books I read said due to his failing health condition.

There are numerous and different accounts during the era of Marcos. I don't know who to believe. But there's one thing I am sure of that crime and corruption are still present to these days, and Philippines remains as one of the poorest countries in the world. 

This is just my view that there is one proven leader, who is bold and honest, his name is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. I trusted him.