Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Waray People Call To End Killings in Samar

Justice for Angel Solano Baylon

By Alon Calinao Dy: On March 5, a 14-year old named Angel Solano Baylon was shot and killed at Bagacay Beach in Calbayog City by unidentified gunmen. It was not the first time that innocent people have been killed for unknown motives.

Imagine how painful it is for the parents of this young girl to live without their daughter, knowing that she was a victim by a stray bullet. Since 2000s, unresolved murders have been reported by a coalition of concerned citizens.

Netizens of I Love Samar page have extended their prayers, condolences, and support to the victim's family. I was disappointed of what happened to this innocent girl who just attended a friend's birthday party in Bagacay beach. I am sure the people who love Angel Baylon, especially her family and close friends, are disappointed too.

Unresolved crime and corruption are one of the big problems in the Philippines not only in Samar province but also in other provinces. Mysterious killings have continued when elections draw near. The question is, how many lives are we going to lose from this?

Most people in Samar strongly condemn to political killings especially to innocent people like a very recent case of Ms. Baylon. It is hard to see a grieving friend or family member who lost their beloved father or daughter. It is really hard to understand their grievances if you are in their shoes.

It is time that people end killings in Samar. Killing is not an acceptable reason and answer to gain power and support from the people. It is the people's dream to make Samar a better place to live for everyone, so that children can play anywhere they want. 

Let there be peace in all provinces in the Philippines particularly in Samar.